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UV Curing and Trenchless Pipe Lining

If the thought of investigating and repairing a potential sewer line issue at your property has you envisioning damaged pavement and destroyed landscaping, the team here at Murray Plumbing can offer you a different kind of solution. Our crew is skilled at providing trenchless pipe repair services that accomplish the same goals as traditional pipe repair work without all the digging and damage to surrounding areas. When it comes to minimally invasive service, we can conduct trenchless pipe lining to address the issue with your sewer pipe.

Ditch the Drain Clog, Not Your Yard

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The Many Benefits of Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless repairs are performed right inside the damaged pipe, so we won’t have to transport an excavator or other heavy machinery to your property to uncover the buried line. This also means that there will be no need for expensive, time-consuming replacement of damaged sod, trees, hardscaping, and pavement when the repair work is through. The repairs can be carried out by two or three team members in just a few hours with some extra time for curing before the pipe is placed back into service. This economy of scale translates to lower costs for the property owner as well as limited plumbing system downtime.

What Makes the Trenchless Pipe Lining Process Unique?

Our trenchless repair services are suitable for addressing a wide range of problems with pipes of all ages and materials. In addition to being a fast and relatively inexpensive pipe restoration method, trenchless relining results in a repaired pipeline that’s just as strong as or even stronger than a newly placed pipe. The durable liner also helps to ensure that the pipe is sealed against future damage from tree roots, crushing, corrosion, and other common problems.

Why UV Curing is
Highly Recommended

The use of UV technology can greatly shorten the amount of time that it takes for a new pipe liner to cure. This reduces the overall length of time that the pipe will need to remain out of service. UV curing technology doesn’t rely on water or compressed air, and it’s easily performed with a small lighting unit that’s designed to fit through most pipe diameters. In addition, UV curing equipment requires limited mobilization and clean-up, and the procedure doesn’t release noxious vapors or hazardous chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever possible, we utilize existing drains and clean-out ports to insert new liners and pipe curing equipment. If we can’t find a suitable drain or port, it may be necessary to open the pipe at a connection point or access it by other means.

The lighting units we use generally aren’t activated until they’re placed inside the pipe, so you shouldn’t notice anything unusual in other areas of your home. The process also doesn’t generate excess heat, steam, or environmental contaminants.

The amount of time needed for UV curing is dependent on the length and configuration of the pipe. A short section of pipe may only need a few minutes to cure fully while longer pipes could take a few hours. Once the process is completed, the sewer line can be returned to service almost immediately.

The first step of every trenchless pipe repair in San Antonio, TX, involves sending a camera through the line to obtain accurate, real-time information about the interior conditions. This preliminary inspection usually reveals the location of any cracks, separations, tree roots, and other issues. We generally combine one of these tech-based camera evaluations with a complete inspection of the surrounding area to gather as much data as possible. We then use all the data that we obtain to recommend a repair strategy and prepare an accurate estimate for the work.

Our personnel will be very respectful of your home and property while we’re onsite. The trenchless repair process generally results in little to no debris or spilled water, but you can count on us to completely clean up any unused supplies or other materials before we leave your location.

A Long History of
High-Quality Service

The staff of our family owned and operated service company puts customer care and satisfaction ahead of everything else. We only use quality supplies and proven methods to get the job done, and we take advantage of modern technology at every opportunity. We also offer speedy responses and flexible scheduling options that you will surely appreciate.

We’re Standing by to Serve You

Don’t hesitate to contact the reliable team here at Murray Plumbing the next time you need sewer line cleaning, sewer line repair, or a related service. Feel free to schedule an initial consultation at your property anywhere in or around San Antonio, TX at your earliest convenience.