Plumbing Maintenance Tips for San Antonio Homeowners

While some plumbing emergencies can come out of nowhere, some disasters are preventable. Understanding the basics of home plumbing maintenance can help your home avoid an emergency where you have to call in a plumbing service. Here are some expert tips from Murray Plumbing to help you keep your plumbing in top condition:

1. Know Your System

Make sure you know where the plumbing system is located in your house and have a basic understanding of how it works. You can even read up on pipe diagrams and materials to understand what type of pipes you have in your home.

2. Regularly Inspect Your Pipes

One way to ensure optimal functioning is to inspect all visible portions of your plumbing system. Check for any signs of corrosion or leaks, look out for unusual noises, and keep an eye on the age of your pipes- older pipes can be more prone to breaks and other issues. We recommend you get an annual plumbing system inspection to avoid as many emergencies as possible. Find more information about inspecting your plumbing in this article from American Family Insurance.

3. Use a Plunger

In cases of clogged drains, it is important to use a plunger as soon as possible. Make sure you use the right type for each sink, as different plungers work better on different pipes.

4. Take Care of Your Water Heater

Make sure you know where the water heater is located in your home and check it regularly for any signs of wear and tear or leaks. If you notice any issues, consider calling a professional plumber to take a look.

5. Clean Your Drains

To keep your drains clean and functioning properly, it is important to regularly use a drain cleaner or boiling water to break down any debris that has built up in the pipes. This can help prevent clogs from occurring in the future.

By following these plumbing maintenance tips, you can keep your plumbing systems running smoothly. However, if any issues do arise, it is important to call a professional plumber as soon as possible to avoid further damage. The sooner you call Murray Plumbing to address your plumbing issue, the better off your home’s plumbing system will be. Call us today for a consultation, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all things plumbing!


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